I’m very picky when it comes to my tackle. I want every little detail to be perfect.
I don’t allow anything to falter. Tackle must never become a limiting factor.If
anything should limit my fishing I prefer it to be my own knowledge and experience.
That’s how I achieve the most, make my fishing more effective, avoid irritating
situations and make my fishing even more enjoyable.

When my tackle fails me, it leads to less effective fishing and the enjoyment
of fishing is lost. I fish a lot so my rod-bag is pretty big. I choose my
tackle according to different conditions. I always fish with two different rods
based on two different choices of line.

In my camera-bag which I always carry with me, I’ve packed every line that
goes with the rods I carry. You never know when you need to drag a fly
aross the bottom or skate a fly on top of the waves. I don’t want to limit
myself which is why I always bring everything along.

I always weigh my lines to know how much they will load my rod but what’s
more important is the length of the shooting head. All rods can handle
some weight differences of a few grams. Most rods do without you noticing
any difference.

When it comes to the casting, the technique is dependent of the length of the
shooting head. I always want to use the same “swing” independent of which type
of line I use and I therefore need the same length of the shooting head. In my
world the length of the shooting head is more important than the actual weight.

The assembly of the tackle is very important. If you compromise with one thing,
your whole outfit suffers. My choice of tackle varies. The development is so fast
that even for someone like me who fish a lot, get a feeling of not being able to
keep up sometimes.

The tackle below is upgraded regularly whenever I exchange something, so don’t
be surprised if you see a different rod the next time you enter the site. I test
most things that come on the market and I’m not afraid of exchanging old for new
inventions. My cooperation with Guideline has made it possible for me not only to
test new equipment but also to influence the development of salmon tackle. This
is very challenging and exciting.At the same time I’m grateful for the opportunity.

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