I have throughout the years always been interested in the history behind the fishing,
fly tying and the traditions but I have always tried to go my own way. Functionality must
always be prioritized before traditions and old customs. That is what progress is all about
and that is part of what makes fishing so exciting. Whether it is flies or other equipment, all
our tackle is progressing in a high speed. The fish remains the same but our skill to outwit
it is getting better by time. With all due respect for our old heroes but the fact remains that
we would certainly outfish them today!

Our flies are more functional, swim and move in a way that the old classics never could.
With today’s lines, rods and reels we’re equipped for all situations. Our hooks and leaders
are superior. We choose where and how we want to fish. The tackle is never the restricting
element – I think that’s fantastic! It’s up to our experience and skill to outwit the fish and
perhaps we need better equipment since our dear salmon stocks is getting more and more
threatened and the runs fewer.

I’m always on the look-out for new solutions and since I fish a lot and let my imagination
give space for experimenting; it has resulted in many unique products. I have cooperated
with Guideline for more then ten years now. It’s a close and successful cooperation. Some
of my closest friends work here and I have endless respect for the knowledge that this
company behold. I’m proud to be part of this team.

Guideline has made it possible for many of my ideas to be put in production and reach
out to more than my closest fishing buddies. It’s great to be able to contribute to the
progress, to be able to give other people the same “aha” experience that my ideas have
given me. To simplify the fly-tying and make it possible to tie flies that actually swims
a lot better. Flies that give you more takes or other stuff that simplifies and improves
this great hobby of ours. This is what we call “Frödin Designs” – ideas and tackle that are
the result from thousands and thousands of fishing-hours.