You can book Mikael Frodin for classes, fly-tying shows or courses for your club, company,
shop or other assembly. Make sure to book well in advance. The current digital slide shows

Atlantic salmon in Canada

This is an exciting journey to some of the best salmon rivers on the Canadian east-coast.
The journey goes through Grand Cascapedia, Petit Cascapedia, the crystal clear Bonaventure
and further on to the mighty Restigouche to finally end up in New Brunswick and Miramichi.
The show consists of many exciting pictures from some of the best salmon dry-fly fishing
places of the world.

ASR – Kharlovka and Litza

The fantastic rivers on the north part of Kola Peninsula are famous for their dramatic nature,
fabulous pools and big salmon. Here you get to experience lots of big salmon hooked on both
two-handed and single-handed rods. The show is based on 20 weeks of fishing in some of the
best salmon rivers in the world.

Fly-tying exhibited on a big screen

In this exhibition Mikael show you many fly-tying tricks displayed on a big screen. This is a
good way to get a close up of all the tricks and tips. Mikael ties some of his own favorites
and variations according to your wishes.

Fly-tying course

You can also book a fly-tying course - either as an evening course or over a week-end.
Maximum participants are 12. The reason for this is to ensure that everyone profit from
the course. The participants can direct which level they want the course to be held in
according to experience, skill and the tricks and tying techniques you wish to improve.

Coaching/fishing school

I also provide private coaching for one, two or group of fishermen. I supervise you in casting
skills, fishing strategies and fishing techniques. The location is wherever you wish for it to be
or where a fishing school already is scheduled.

For more information and quotation: info@frodinflies.com