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I sold my first straggly creation already in the mid 70's. It gave me, the hysterically tying teenager, some money to invest in more and better materials. As the years went by I tied more and more and as I look back I think I've tied about 10 000 flies, perhaps I've even passed 100 000!

It's a tough and demanding work to tie professionally - many hours in tricky working positions that wear you out. Today I only tie flies for my regular customers or when it's special orders and gift-flies, when I want to test new exciting combinations and patterns - flies that first of all end up in my own fly-box.

The flies you find here are unfortunately not tied by me. They all originate from my own unique patterns and are tied according to my own directions and designs. The thought behind the flies is soft materials that will make the flies look alive and swim well - flies that fish better than the traditionally tied salmon flies - flies that are today known to go by the name "Scandinavian Style".

These flies are tied in the east, as far away from rivers and salmon that you can get, which makes it extraordinary how receptive the fly-tiers have been, how they have grasped my thoughts on how a good fly should be tied. These are the best factory tied flies we have ever seen and although they don't originate from my own vise, they are very good representatives of the fly design I believe in.

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