Mikael Frödin was born in September 1961 and is presently living by the lake
Valloxen in Knivsta, Sweden. He shares his life with his two sons,
born 1994 and 1997. The boys have both been on fishing trips since young
age and have already experienced the thrill of landing their first Atlantic salmon.

Mikael started tying his own flies at the age of thirteen and shortly thereafter
his creations started giving him his first sought after sea trout. Since the age
of 18 he’s lived as a professional fly tier and salmon fisher.

During the -80’s and the 90’s he worked as a guide by some of Scandinavian’s
best salmon rivers. It gave him not only interesting contacts
but also irreplaceable experience.

He started his career as an innovative fly tier early on and a lot of the standard
techniques and thoughts on salmon flies and fishing of today descend
from his fly tying vise.

Mikael wrote his first article in the fishing press in the beginning of the 80’s and
is today an acknowledged writer of the leading sport fishing magazines
all over the world. He has contributed in many salmon and fly tying books
where the most well known book ought to be his own “Classic salmon flies”
that was published in over 50.000 copies in 5 different languages.

Mikael has also worked with several TV productions both in Sweden and abroad
as well as participated in many acknowledged film productions.

Since the beginning of the 80’s he has been an active participant in the development
of salmon flies and tackles and is today one of the most important actors behind the
“Scandinavian Style”. Among the most popular and pioneering products is the SALAR
series of hooks, fly tying materials and fly boxes as well as F.I.T.S tube system,
that has revolutionized tube fly tying all over the world.

Mikael promised himself early that the work within the fishing industry wouldn’t
intrude on his fishing days. The last 25 years he has fished more than
100 days per year all over the world. There are not many spots where you
can fish Atlantic salmon, where he hasn’t been yet.

Apart from the salmon fishing, he also has lots of experience from fishing sea trout
and steelhead. The last 15 years he has travelled yearly to salt water destinations,
where the favorite fish is the mighty tarpon. He has landed thousands of salmon,
sea trout and steelheads over the years which have given him the extensive experience
he has today. His qualification list holds two salmon over 50 pounds, nineteen
over 40 pounds and ten sea trout over 22 pounds, which makes him undoubtedly one
of the most experienced, well-known and successful fisherman of Scandinavia.