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Big fish Friday!
2018-06-08  09:36

Thursday was very slow. I saw one, a big one in Julians but couldn’t make him take. On Friday the fish arrived to Kharlovka! It started with Chucky landing a good sea liced 12 lbs in Buckhannon’s run and I lost one in Sea Pool. In Long Stream I hooked a good fish and after a long and tough fight I could land a 102 cm 28lbs sea liced female. A great fish. One of this we come here for. It took a 8cm Pahtakorva and the same fly was after just a short while taken of another crazy fish. After 6 high jumps and saltomortales it came of right by the net – shit! Not 28 but a bit smaller around 20-22 lbs. Chucky got another one in Julians and was happy. He is staying to do two more weeks in salmon heaven – lucky bastard! I got a nice 10-12 lbs in Home Pool which opened the pool for the season. Fish was showing and the last hours fishiong I lost another one and saw two splashing in the tail…! The boys fishing this coming week will have a great week with perfect levels and big fish running both rivers! We summed up this early week with 16 fish, half over 20 lbs.

Fat and fresh run from the Litza!
2018-06-07  16:36

Litza is the river of heart! The most challenging, most technical and most interesting to fish. I visited Falls, fished a few cast on the middle but it was in Military Pool the first fresh fish of mine was landed. It took right where it should on a The Witch tied on the biggest TTT adapted with a loose body. This system works fantastic and also gives you the chance to change bodies, colour and thickness. Very flexible indeed! This was a strong 19 lbs, fat as a true Litza fish and beautiful like a dream. I lost one more fresh fish and actually saw the first two fresh ones for this trip. It’s slowly beginning to look like a salmon season. Chucky, my mate also landed a 23 lbs beauty opposite me – it’s always better when both catch fish. We celebrated in salmon heaven until the midnight sun asked us to go to bed.

Osenka, the fighting tiger..
2018-06-05  11:54

The first good fish landed was on the upper river. I always want to fish the whole rivers, not that it’s the best chance for a sea liced fresh bar of silver but I just love those pools and couldn’t leave without trying… I tried falls with my 100 grains had a few kelts and a good pull from something that might have been fatter? The good take came from Guys Pool. From the left side on a quite short cast on a Pahtakorva. It ripped 30 m of line and gave a super good fight. A fat and beautiful Osenka. I truly believe that Osenkas are the strongest of them all - maybe it weight in on 15-16 lbs…

First days on the Kharlovka
2018-06-04  16:33

It was nice to be back on the Kharlovka for my 20th year on these fantastic big fish rivers. Conditions was quite good, a bit cold but of course a lot better than last year’s extreme weather. 2 degrees in the water and 90 cm on the gage is quite normal and absolutely fishable. The river was full of kelts and after a couple of days I landed more than 40, a bit crazy. For sure it’s very early to be up here in May but I hooked and lost what must have been a fresh fish. It ripped 100m backing of my spool while leaving Julians into Island pool. The hook just came lose – shit! It’s very sorry not to have my friend and guide Kola here - it’s my first time on the river without him and he is truly missed!

Back on the Dee!
2018-04-24  16:40

Good to back on the Dee and glad to se that most of Dess is the same after the big flod two years ago. High and cold water with a tough spring on the Dee gave us low expectations. First day was a great success with 4 good solid takes and two landed sea liced springers, a great start! I fished a floater and changed tips. To fish the fly in the middle section was enough. The gold water made me fish bigger flies. A Dee version Samurai with the golden yellow cone produced all takes. River is drooping slowly and we are having some great days ahead.. now time for our night fishing. I think I stroll back down to Jock Rae. I will keep you posted!

New colour - FITS Yellow "Golden" Metallic!
2018-04-24  14:02

The spring is here and in Scandinavia now finally it got a bit warmer. No salmon running yet up here in the north and it looks like it will be another late spring. The fly tying season is at its peak and it’s time to fill the boxes/wallets with flies.

After a bit of testing and experimenting we can now proudly present what we think is maybe our coolest FITS colour – the Yellow "Golden" Metallic. Off to Scotland and the Dee! A bit late spring, quite high and cold water made it necessary to let the Dee Sheep’s have some Samurai and Dee Samurai company in my private boxes. Black-yellow is a classic combination and I couldn’t help using the new cones on most of the newly tied flies – follow our blog and you will see if they work!

We have introduced the new colour on our whole range – tungsten cones, turbos ½ turbos and the popular TTT. Some of my Banana fly freak friends got absolutely crazy over the new stuff – yellow is the no 1 fashion fly colour right now.

Introducing to you: SSS TYING THREAD!
2018-03-30  16:01

We are happy and proud to be able to present to you our new SSS Tying Thread! Mikael Frödin have during several decades had a good co-operation with the Georgio Benecchi factory in Italy, using the thread for tens of thousands of flies. Our SSS threads is of the old good reliable Benecchi quality. They are strong, thin, elastic, and flattens out just great when tying with them. For us this is the best tying thread ever made, tested over decades - now refined and reintroduced.

We have six standard colours. The must have colours: black and white, Olive and Tan for the imitation tier and two very strongly fluorescent colours: orange and chartreuse. We carry them in two classic qualities 8/0 and 12/0. On top of this we present two special threads! The phosphorescent Glow 8/0 and our very unique SSS Stealth 12/0. This super elastic, “invisible” thread will for sure be many people’s new favourite – soft, strong and completely translucent it opens up fantastic opportunities. All threads are on 100 m spools.

Make sure your boxes are filled with the deadly flies for the premiere...!

Finally here - the Limited Edition of My Salmon Flies
2018-01-25  12:36

The first printing of Mikael Frödins ”My Salmon Flies” was sold out in a few weeks. Second round is now here and ready for delivery. We are proud and happy for the success and even more to now be able to present the Limited Edition. Silver laminated with hard binder, numbered and signed, it’s a great investment for the future. An investment in tying cool flies but also a collector’s item to treasure for the future.

Place your order here in the webshop… or shop the standard edition at your local tackle shop!

Join our team!
2017-12-08  13:49

Vi söker dig som vill jobba med Logistik & Säljsupport.

- Väx in i vårt nystartade nischade flugfiskeföretag. Vi värdesätter ett glatt humör, flexibilitet, noggrannhet, goda språkkunskaper och ansvarstagande i självständigt arbete.

Hos oss kommer du arbeta med vår expansiva postorderverksamhet. I huvudsak mot butiksledet, men även direkt mot privatperson. Du kommer att serva kunder i Europa och även vidare ut i världen. Det dagliga arbetet innefattar ordermottagning, logistik, orderplock samt kundservice. Har du ambitioner finns möjlighet att ta del av produktutveckling, marknadsföring samt företagets expansiva utveckling.

Företaget grundas på egna produkter från egna ideer. Företaget sätter såväl nya trender som har visioner för en expansiv framtid. I dagsläget är vi kvar i vår hemmamiljö men ser oss om efter kommersiella lokaler att växa i. Vi ser framför oss att arbetet börjar som en halvtidstjänst (förmiddagar).

Har Du ett flugfiskeintresse och vill växa in i ett spännande småföretag ser vi gärna din ansökan. Skicka ett mail med ditt personliga brev och CV. Möjligheten finns för omgående anställning.

Frödinflies AB
Kolonivägen 28
74144 Knivsta

2017-11-24  16:10


After a life with an obsession for salmon flies Mikael Frödin now for the first time put his collections of innovative fly patterns together. “My Salmon Flies” contains 67 patterns and variations. It’s a lifetime of both fishing and fly tying experience, flies that have taken salmon in all conditions all over the world. A must-have for every serious salmon angler and fly tier. The little book is made as a wire-o pattern collection to be easy to use on the fly tying table. Choose pattern, fold it up, read about it - and go ahead and tie it!

For the collector, the 250 signed and numbered limited editions are just around the corner. Order your requested number in the Frödinflies web shop already now. First come, first serve (no. 11-250 available).

The regular edition is now up for sale in the web shop. Take the chance and order your book during the Black Weekend and get 20% off. Don’t miss out! The book is also coming up for sale at your local tackle dealer shortly.

Tomorrow Mikael is exclusively signing the first copies at Halmstad shop Wittlock’s “fall cosiness” event.

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