Down stream again!
2018-10-07  17:34

On the Ponoi you fish on a schedule and you change guide every day. There are good and bad things bout it. For me being a rookie here it’s good. I learn to know all the guides and what they are good at. Today I fished with American Alex. Young and hungry he’s a good guy, but when he started telling me how to play my fish I couldn’t help smiling a bit. But when all the heart from the guide is in wanting you to get that fish its truly good in all ways.

This day I started catching one from the boat and then waded mostly all day. We saw some great fish but managed only to land smaller fish. Clean and sea liced they are truly a miracle this time of the year. I fished my medium TTT "Flomflugan" and they really seemed to like it. I landed four nice fish and lost a few. Ponoi is not the big fish river, but this year there seems to be fewer fish over 15 lbs runing than normal. The run of this river is fantastically 60 000 fish and of them about 80 % come in the fall as Osenkas to spawn the following fall. This night was extremely cold, I guess that when I reeled in the temperature was approx. 10 C below zero… and they say colder weather is coming!?

Day 2 Ponoi, up river!
2018-10-04  17:53

Up river today. Ponoi is big, most places 200-300 m wide with medium flow. When you think you need to fish deep we don’t talk heavy sinking lines. The river is simply not deep enough for that. I must say that one thing that is super is guides and staff. An international mix of fishing bums together with the Russians make things very comfortable. The guides are pros and do a great job. Food excellent and the cabins cosy. Great when weather is cold. Forecast say that we are looking at 15 C below… Today’s fishing was a bit tricky. We started with two sea liced beauties to the boat, but after they just pulled and turned away. Back at home pool I walked up to Ryabaga and fished the little stream. Landed one old fish and two sea liced beauties. Fantastic hour, they took the orange fly on the TTT with an old Salar gold double. Cool kit actually. The life on the tundra is though now in October when winter is rapidly closing in. Today Martin had a great sea liced 19 lbs – I want one like that too…

First full day’s fishing
2018-10-02  19:46

Ponoi is a big river big but shallow and quite slow. I must say that I find it a bit hard to read the river and sometimes it feels like I just don’t know what I’m doing… But also Ponoi has one of the biggest runs of Atlantic salmon in the world. Thousands and thousands of fish entering the system and the majority of the stock is Osenkas, fish that come late in the fall to spawn the following year. The fall run starts in September and goes on in to the winter under the ice.

Today we took the boats and went down-stream. The system is to anchor the boat and to fish down one each side. The guide then lets out 1 m rope each cast. A very effective way of fishing! Today I caught a few fish. Most of them I hooked wading down the banks. It just suits me better. I fished a Nextcast line today, boy it fishes nicely. The best flies so far have been a Flomflugan variation a on a TTT. But of course, Pahtakorva has given some great fish too. It’s nice to catch sea liced fresh super fat Atlantics this time of the year. Still no big fish but, we just started!

Stay tuned more reports from Europe’s biggest wilderness coming up soon!

Ponoi, Russia - arriving at the camp!
2018-10-01  20:52

A two hour fantastic flight over the almost endless wilderness of the Kola Peninsula took us to camp. Ryabaga, one of the most classic of all the fishing camps in the world.

First night gave me two hours in home pool. I fished a 13 footer, a floating belly with a tip. A Pahtakorva gave me my first two Ponoi salmon, both been here a while and was not as fresh as I was hoping for. 6 and 12 lbs was an ok start. The camp is classy with cabins and tents, great food and positive staff from all over the world. We are a good group of fishermen from at least half a dozen countries, some experienced and some rookies. It looks to be a tricky week. Runs are down and conditions tough, but I’m going to give it my best!

I will try to blog daily so just follow and you will see…

Back on Kungsådran - 3 sea trout over 80 cm!
2018-09-22  18:05

A little colder in the water made the fish even easier to trigger. Still speed was the key and of course the Pahtakorva TTT. It’s remarkable how many fish this little part of the river holds. Both big salmon and sea trout. Most of the salmon is quite dark now but also one or two really nice with a silver greyish finish shows up. There are sea trout of all sizes, I saw a black old male weighing probably 10-12 kilo or more. He was in a tricky place, so I couldn’t really fish for him.

A record day for me
The day was great, early morning up a bit after 04.00 for an hour’s drive from home. The lottery with the other 3 guys gave me pool 1 to start and 2 before lunch. Pool 1 is probably the one with most fish but also the less technical to fish or maybe most depending on how you look at it. I got a few with a very nice male 80 cm sea trout to be best fish. I know one really good lie and fished over with no result. A faster fly and bang he took it. Normally salmon are trickier to a slow fly I think. Pool 2 is probably my favorite, not too deep and with lots of holding places above the very fast almost waterfall rapid below. I cracked the code and had marvelous fishing. Best fish again a sea trout this time an 83 cm gorgeous female. I would think just below 7 kilos. In total my morning gave me 11 landed fish and a few lost, actually I didn’t lose that many. Perhaps the fast fly gave better takes. I took a good nap after lunch missing out a couple of hours fishing.

Jakob showed up and we shoot a couple of small product films. I even think he got a take or two so hopefully we have some nice stuff to show you shortly. Pool 3 and also 4 is full of fish. In the tail of 4 I saw the biggest fish so far this year. Well over 20 kilos and good knows maybe closer to 30! I landed a few smaller fish and ended the day with the biggest sea trout of the day. It took a Pahta TTT far down in the tail and with a bit of “luck” I managed to get it up in the pool and land and release it. All in all, a fabulous fishing day, a total of 17 fish to me and for the 4 of us I think we landed around 30 fish. The other guys got a couple of salmon 90 cm + my biggest salmon this day was a couple 10-12 lbs. But the golden fall sea trout where magic!

Tricks & flies
I know they love that TTT Pahtakorva, the smaller almost the better it is. This day with a raising water temp to around 15 C. I think the key again was the combo small fly and fast speed. I actually got 4-5 fish after I fished fast with a downstream belly and added long pretty fast strips. The fast fly gives really hard takes, we all do love those don’t we. When the dark came I didn’t go over to the black night flies. Actually, I have had very few in Kungsådran on those but better result keeping the brown Pahta. I had 3 fish in the dusk all on a one size bigger Pahta, same concept with smallest TTT and a loose hook, but maybe 4 cm in size. This year Pahtakorva again will be the fly that’s given me most fish. If not the Ponoi trip next week will give the Samurais more than their normal share.

A fantastic day’s fishing!
2018-09-15  18:02

Dalälven used to be one of the greatest wild salmon rivers in Scandinavia. Once it produced hundreds of thousands of great wild fish. Big dams blocked, and the river have now for more than hundred years been depended on hatcheries – that’s a shame!

The small little stream leading on the side of the power station carry’s 12 m2 of water, the whole river normally between 2-500. The little river is divided in 4 pools fished by 4 people. Thousands of fish enter, some over 50 and even 60 lbs. Of course, it’s not natural and just not as good as a wild river would be, but it’s very popular.

Our Day
We won the highest bid and got the chance to fish. It was me Peter, Adam and with photographer Johan shooting for the new book project. The forth guy Henrik was a new great acquaintance. I started on beat 3 and with my small Pahtakorva TTT I landed one great 4 kilo sea trout and lost a few, beat 4 also gave some nice fish, broke a leader on one, and with an extremely strong 5 kilo male salmon giving most fun. A good lunch and a 1,5-hour sleep in the car and then it was time for beat 1. The rain started pouring down and the fish moved around. If I say I saw 200 fish or so it’s probably too modest – there were fish all over the place! Most fun this fantastic day was the last hours on beat 2. This tail is a bit tricky with lots of big rocks and heavy rapids below. I landed three good sized salmon 12 kilo, and two around 10. Strong crazy fighting fish. I was lucky to get one of them, checking the leader afterword’s it was all ripped to pieces. Wet with a smile on my face I started the drive back with 14 great fish to the book.

Tricks & Flies
I think most important this day was the small fly and lots of speed. After half day Peter asked my what he could improve, and I said speed – he speeded up his fly to and landed 5 fish in an hour - an amazing change. If the fish are there it’s so obvious when you do things right or wrong! I must also comment on the small Nobody TTT the way it fishes is just amazing. I can’t think of anything more effective! The Pahtakorva colours blend with the water colour and the combination is just amazing.

Day 2, the lower river!
2018-08-07  18:03

The lower part of Stora Laxa is normally more productive, especially later in the season when daily catches of dozens of salmon is quite common. The upper river is the fairy tale river and the lower a bit more normal. We fished a few of the pools spending some time to take photos for the big book project. Johan Annerfelt is a superstar, some of the shoots he’s taken is probably some of the best I have ever seen, just amazing. We fished most of the beat’s nice pools and I lost a few that took careful but also got three nice fish with a female of 82 cm to be biggest. I fished my floater and also tried a little tip. As usual Dee Sheep variations worked well but also a slim Green Simple Fly tied on the new pearl tubing – actually a great looking fly. I truly like Stora Laxa it’s one of those rivers that will haunt you in your winter dreams. The fast hitch over the slick surface, the hard takes and the gin clear water. Looking into hours spent we did really well and more important we did get the footage we needed. Now we are heading north! Follow and you will see some other famous Icelandic rivers!

Stora Laxa day 1
2018-08-06  17:02

We left Scandinavia’s high pressures and it was truly refreshing to get some cold winds and rain. As you probably know you don’t go to Iceland for the weather! We drove up to what probably is the most scenic river in the whole wide world – the Stora Laxa. I have been fortunate to fish beat 4 before and also caught some nice fish. This time the river was in prefect conditions and a bit of a light rain made it perfect. Stora is one of the few rivers in Iceland where quite big flies can be effective. I fished a few pools posed for a million photos and the rest was 3 lost fish and 2 landed. The biggest I lost was probably around 8 kilos and the biggest landed around 4… A great day’s fishing. The floater and an extremely slim but quite long Dee Samurai were what produced most takes. Because of the book project we actually fished with a guide. Thorir Grétar was not only a great guy and a new good friend but also knew the river extremely well. 20 years experience is very important. Tomorrow we go down to the lower beats!

Finnmark & Alta!
2018-08-04  16:02

This year the Alta trip was restricted to only one days fishing. To make a great trip I added some things I wanted to do for a long time. I took the borrowed old Mercedes from Alta and drove over Finnmarks widda to Stabbursnes. Here one of Finnmarks many beautiful rivers, Stabburselva meets the fjord. This is an interesting area, many clear water rivers that have runs of really big fish. Fishing Alta soon 30 years I have never spend a lot of time on those rivers, but now in a way it feels I should. I fished zone 2 in Stabbur one night. Alone I walked and walked and walked... good exercise but also many beautiful pools to be fished. I caught a nice grilse on a slim hitch tube on one of the bottom pools. This little fly tied with the stealth thread on the new pearly tubing really felt the right weapon. The day after I drove to Lakselv. Visited some friends and Olderöy and was treated with great hospitality. I enjoyed the river and one day I will see what a week here can bring. A couple of days alone on a road trip, me and Neil young in the speakers – the good life.

Alta is the thing, the biggest challenge, the biggest fish. I picked up the photographer Johan Annerfelt. Johan is shooting for a common book project and of course we needed Alta to be part of it. My good friend Jan Vegard Ernsten got the fishing and invited me to join him. We fished Bollo on worst possible conditions. Below 0 zero water level, 17C and 30 C in the air – not a cloud to be seen. Hmm… sometimes we need excuses when not catching a fish, this time we got them all and it was truly difficult. We blanked, I touched three fish, closest was playing a 20-25lbs for 20 seconds before it just spitted the fly, a Pahtakorva on a large TTT – the same fly that gave me two 35+ lbs last year. Bollo is nice and Vinagorva just as nice. I showed Johan the canyon before we left for the airport, now on our way to Iceland. Iceland seems to have gathered all the low pressure for Europe. Perfect conditions with good runs in most rivers. To be honest it will be good to get some air to breath, leaving Alta at 33 C. Tonight we arrive at the magic beat 4 at Stora Laxa. Stay tuned and see if we can hit it right.

New SALAR Supreme Fly Wallets "X"
2018-08-02  11:03

Already 10 years ago we started using the concept “fly wallets”. When we launched our first SALAR Supreme Wallets with five pockets the fall 2016, we thought many would realize the advantages. But what a success it was! Today our SALAR Supreme wallets are standard in many places and every trip we meet people who say they will never go back to fly boxes. Now we give you our next generation of fly wallets. Golden brown with copper rivets, these wallets with 10 pockets are truly slick. The best way to store tube flies is without a doubt a fly wallet!

The advantages are the same as with the original, well protective, displays the flies, keeping hundreds of flies for you on the river. These two new wallets come in the same sizes, with twice the number of pockets, two ventilated for used flies. Throw your boxes and try the new even more efficient SALAR Supreme Fly Wallets!

In the webshop and your local tackle store!

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