Opening day at Bolstad
2018-06-29  15:16

This fantastic river met us low and quite warm. The clear blue sky without clouds did not help us either. It was a tough opening day with only 3 landed fish. Best was Björns fantastic 30 lbs that took a small orange fly while retrieving. Warm river means fast fly! Both big fish was females and both where wild fish coming from the natural spawning grounds in the river. Myself I manage to tease two fish, one pulled me slightly and one just nailed that Green Samurai but didn’t stay on – that was shit! Conditions are tough and there are very few fish running, I guess the fishing will not turn on before we get some rain - hmm next few days are going to be blue skies only! Tough but only to enjoy the days here on one of the most classic rivers of them all!

Big fish Friday!
2018-06-08  09:36

Thursday was very slow. I saw one, a big one in Julians but couldn’t make him take. On Friday the fish arrived to Kharlovka! It started with Chucky landing a good sea liced 12 lbs in Buckhannon’s run and I lost one in Sea Pool. In Long Stream I hooked a good fish and after a long and tough fight I could land a 102 cm 28lbs sea liced female. A great fish. One of this we come here for. It took a 8cm Pahtakorva and the same fly was after just a short while taken of another crazy fish. After 6 high jumps and saltomortales it came of right by the net – shit! Not 28 but a bit smaller around 20-22 lbs. Chucky got another one in Julians and was happy. He is staying to do two more weeks in salmon heaven – lucky bastard! I got a nice 10-12 lbs in Home Pool which opened the pool for the season. Fish was showing and the last hours fishiong I lost another one and saw two splashing in the tail…! The boys fishing this coming week will have a great week with perfect levels and big fish running both rivers! We summed up this early week with 16 fish, half over 20 lbs.

Fat and fresh run from the Litza!
2018-06-07  16:36

Litza is the river of heart! The most challenging, most technical and most interesting to fish. I visited Falls, fished a few cast on the middle but it was in Military Pool the first fresh fish of mine was landed. It took right where it should on a The Witch tied on the biggest TTT adapted with a loose body. This system works fantastic and also gives you the chance to change bodies, colour and thickness. Very flexible indeed! This was a strong 19 lbs, fat as a true Litza fish and beautiful like a dream. I lost one more fresh fish and actually saw the first two fresh ones for this trip. It’s slowly beginning to look like a salmon season. Chucky, my mate also landed a 23 lbs beauty opposite me – it’s always better when both catch fish. We celebrated in salmon heaven until the midnight sun asked us to go to bed.

Osenka, the fighting tiger..
2018-06-05  11:54

The first good fish landed was on the upper river. I always want to fish the whole rivers, not that it’s the best chance for a sea liced fresh bar of silver but I just love those pools and couldn’t leave without trying… I tried falls with my 100 grains had a few kelts and a good pull from something that might have been fatter? The good take came from Guys Pool. From the left side on a quite short cast on a Pahtakorva. It ripped 30 m of line and gave a super good fight. A fat and beautiful Osenka. I truly believe that Osenkas are the strongest of them all - maybe it weight in on 15-16 lbs…

First days on the Kharlovka
2018-06-04  16:33

It was nice to be back on the Kharlovka for my 20th year on these fantastic big fish rivers. Conditions was quite good, a bit cold but of course a lot better than last year’s extreme weather. 2 degrees in the water and 90 cm on the gage is quite normal and absolutely fishable. The river was full of kelts and after a couple of days I landed more than 40, a bit crazy. For sure it’s very early to be up here in May but I hooked and lost what must have been a fresh fish. It ripped 100m backing of my spool while leaving Julians into Island pool. The hook just came lose – shit! It’s very sorry not to have my friend and guide Kola here - it’s my first time on the river without him and he is truly missed!

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  »Opening day at Bolstad
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