River Dee Trust 2011 Auction
2011-10-31  16:02

Friends of the River Dee,
We want to let you know that the River Dee Trust is holding innovative fundraising activities through the close season starting with an online auction to raise funds to support and further our work.
The auction can be found at www.riverdee.org/auction/auctionwelcome.asp The auction will start at 9 am on Tue 1st November and finish 5 pm Wed 30th November. There is the chance to bid on some exciting and often exclusive lots. By doing so you will help support the work of the Trust, which includes carrying out practical restoration and conservation measures on the rivers Dee, Cowie and Carron and delivering education to all those in the Deeside and Stonehaven area.
Please look around our website – www.riverdee.org , view our most recent annual report or our most recent survey bulletins to find out more about our work. The proceeds from this auction will go to further our work in delivering our education programme, supporting our up-and-coming riparian tree planting project in the Upper Dee and help fund further easements of (man made) barriers to fish migration.
Happy bidding!


The River Dee Trust

Auktionen i Oslo en succé
2011-10-28  16:10

Så var årets aktion för att samla pengar till inlösen av laxkvoterna i Atlanten över. NASF fick totalt ett bidrag på över 800.000 kronor - fantastiskt!
De två dygnen i Alta gick för 170.000 och mitt bidrag med 20 schyssta flies gick för 10.000 NOK vilket ju var bra!

Att norrmannen som köpte dem sa att - han köpte dem för att hålla "svenske flugorna borta från norska laxälvar" var ju lite kul.

Jag tror nog han va sugen på att få mer fisk hehe...

"Låt vildlaxen vandra hem"
2011-10-26  08:58

17-18 november är det vildlaxseminarie i Norrland! Kom och lyssna! Fiskeriverket och andra ger sin syn ...och jag min!

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Katalog Villaksauksjonen 2011
2011-10-25  14:10

Så nu är den ute katalogen för den största och viktigaste auktionen i Skandinavien!
Stöd laxen - köp!

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sköt en hjort - nu blir det många bomber!
2011-10-25  13:48

Varit på jakt lite... sköt en kronhjortsspets häromdagen!
NU - är det bara att binda bomber! Undrar hur många man får ut på en hjort....

25.000 eller så kanske?

..många bomber blir det....

ett litet roligt mail från en dansk medlem..
2011-10-19  09:56

Jeg er iøvrigt netop kommet hjem fra aften turen efter havørreder i den lokale å (Lindenborg å) - det blev ikke til havørred idag, derimod er noget anderledes oplevelse:
Jeg har ofte vores hund med til åen, en lille cocker spaniel. Idag var der meget drivende græs i åen og da jeg løftede fluen til et nyt kast fangede fluen en stor samling græs, der var ikke nok kraft i løftet til også at løfte græsset og græs med flue landede på kanten af åen - hunden må have troet at det var et dyr og sprang frem, hvorved den blev kroget i det ene forben (salar triple tube), den gav et hyl og sprang tilbage - hvorved krogen rigtigt trængte ind. Jeg kunne ikke få krogen fri og måtte til dyrlægen, der bedøvede hunden og fik krogen fri, jeg måtte betale 2200 Dkr for den oplevelse. En helt speciel fisketur - har du nogensinde fanget en hund ?


Nu ställs högre krav på odlingsnäringen!
2011-10-18  09:06

Krav på hårdare tag i Norge!

klicka här!

1000 fish at Ballogie beats!
2011-10-06  08:57

Ballogie estates head ghillie Sean Stanton presenting angler Andy Hutson with a bottle of Dee Dram in recognition of catching the 1000th salmon and sea trout for this season from their beats.

River Dee rapport - 3 oktober
2011-10-05  07:50

Recent Catches
As I write FishDee beats have reported 220 salmon and grilse for the week and 7 sea trout with perhaps some more to be reported later. Upper Drum reported 41 for the week which was an excellent number; Carlogie reported 19 and Park 18. The upper Dee beats have now closed for the season with beats below Aboyne fishing until October the 15th during the season extension. The heat wave that arrived midweek put the brakes on fish catches nevertheless fishing was pretty good during the week. I haven’t received any feedback from anglers this week however I am grateful for reports from some of the beats.

Firstly Jim Paton, Ghillie from Upper Drum and Lower Durris advised ‘We had a very good weeks sport with 41 salmon and grilse for the week. Peter Brown, a regular to the beat was top rod for the week with 13 salmon closely followed by George West. Proprietor Jim Gray had 5 to his own rod. George tied a new shrimp fly which did tremendously well with 25 salmon being caught on it. The river height last week also was ideal for our pools which also helped our catches. We had a mixture of fresh and coloured fish for the week with the biggest at 18lbs.

Ballogie estates head Ghillie Sean Stanton gave me a call and advised ‘Peter Lonsdale was back for the week with a party of anglers fishing Ballogie and Carlogie. Peter had an excellent weeks sport with 18 salmon and grilse to his own rod for the 5 days he fished. I was delighted to fish his rod on Saturday and had my biggest salmon to date at 21lbs. Peter had 2 salmon over 20lbs and an 18 lb salmon amongst his catch which were all made on a half inch Black Frances tube fly. Peter is a great stalwart of the Dee and has had about 6 weeks on the river this year.

Edward Humphrey the proprietor for Dinnet and Aboyne Castle beats wrote today and commented ‘Now the season is over in the Upper Dee, I can report that the 230 salmon & grilse caught on Dinnet this year represents the best season since 1988, an excellent first season for my new Ghillie, Euan Reid. Aboyne Castle could not quite match last year’s total, but a catch this year of 218 salmon & grilse is very respectable for a 2 rod beat. My thanks again to Alec Coutts for his efforts throughout the season, including scale sampling, a very high percentage of fish caught.

As the fishing season draws to a close for the upper beats this week there are rods available for lower beats on FishDee if anglers are wishing to source fishing before the close season is upon us. We will hopefully see new fish coming forward to ensure angler fishing the lower beats have enjoyable sport. Finally I would like to thank the Ghillies for their feedback and ask anglers to pass on any stories, news or anecdotes they wish to share. Please write to me, Ken Reid, with any news or reports of success to ken@riverdee.org and tight lines to all. Copyright FishDee Ltd October 2011.

The weekend saw more rainfall on Deeside which caused the levels to rise over the weekend. This rainfall will have freshened up the river and hopefully will encourage some late running fish to come forward into the lower and middle beats. The Sepa gauges are running at 1ft 1 inch at Mar Lodge and 2 foot at Park. The maritime influence sees tides dropping from 4.0 metres in Aberdeen to 3.5 metres in mid week and rising again to 3.9 metres by the weekend. The weather forecast is more autumnal following last week’s heat wave with air temperature maxima forecast to be around 17 degrees Celsius. It will become cooler with blustery winds and showers throughout the week with perhaps more persistent rain on Wednesday. The long range forecast is indicating potential for evening frosts and snow on the mountains so winter is not far away now. Hopefully with the river starting to cool again catches will rise during the week but as always the salmon has the final say.

The Ghillies will be looking forward to the end of the season and the opportunity to perhaps enjoy a nice holiday, but will be trying extremely hard as always to put anglers onto taking fish. As always heed their wise counsel as they know best about what tactics to employ when fishing their water. There is no shortage of salmon in the river however just because you see many fish does not necessarily mean they will be easy to catch. Persistence will be called for and as always it may pay to fish until dark with the last hour of daylight being the most productive. If you don’t have the services of a Ghillie to call on then perhaps you would be wise to fish with an intermediate line and a small tube fly. Patterns that find favour with fishermen at this time of year include Red and Black Frances, Cascade, Tosh, red or orange Flamethrowers and Ally’s shrimps.

I would like to remind anglers that the Park Trophy is awarded annually for the largest rod caught salmon that is verified from the River Dee. It was won last year by Jesper Holm Nielsen with a salmon of over 30lbs from Dess. This year the largest verified salmon has been reported by Borrowston Ghillie Bill Palmer for a fish of 36lbs landed by Mr Judson, netted and photographed by Bill Palmer. There have been quite a number of good sized salmon reported most weeks and it may still be possible for a salmon of that size or bigger to be caught before the season finishes so good luck to all anglers. I would also like to advise that there is good rod availability on the FishDee website for the remaining 2 weeks of the season on lower beats so please ensure you book some fishing now and give yourself every opportunity of catching potentially the Park trophy winning salmon. Please write to me, Ken Reid, with any news or reports of success to ken@riverdee.org and tight lines to all. Copyright FishDee Ltd October 2011.

Söndagen - lite lugnare men fullt tryck!
2011-10-02  20:38

Söndagen avklarad! Strålande väder 25 grader i skuggan och alla dricker öl och mår bra!
Ja så skulle man kunna sammanfatta andra dagen av mässan i Peine. Inte lika mycket folk idag men fullt runt flugbindarbordet och bra tryck i kastbassängen. Guidelines Allan Block och Klaus Frimor gjorde det bra och Reaction , nya skjutlinor och nya spöprototyper gick varma!

Alltid lika positivt att jobba hos ADH - thanks guys!

Första dagen 600 pers!
2011-10-01  17:48

Hej o hå - så är man tio år äldre i ett nafs!

Jag klagar inte men idag har det varit hård körning - 600 personer i butiken och massor av intresse! Kalasväder och fullt drag i kastbanan också!
För egen del så har SSS dubbingen nog varit det som dragit till sig mest intresse. jag har bundit lite av varje men Samuraierna gör att folk verkligen förstår hur bra dubbingen är - kul tycker jag!
Även kul att visa upp vad Reaction 10fot 9an klarar ...dvs allt!
Nu laddar vi för en topp dag imorgon också!

Alex en nöjd affärsägare!

...full fart!

Andy in action!

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