Kharlovka news - 29 July
2011-07-29  11:13

It was a truly international party that arrived at Kharlovka camp on 23rd July. There was Jeff from America, an international sportsman who has been the terror of fish and birds worldwide. Then there was Trond and Kristjan from Norway and Iceland respectively who are two of the best salmon fishers from those Salmon rich countries. Eugene comes from the West of Ireland and is one of the few successful organic salmon farmers. Brian and Simon come from the North of the Emerald Isle and arrived without tackle or clothes as these were lost by British Airways. No party would be the same without our Russian brethren and this consisted of Gennadiy and his daughter Anna who, it will be seen proved to be the star of the party. Finally there were a gathering of Brits; Mike and his son Hugh, David, a veteran of the Kharlovka who was paired with Hugh, who had never before ventured further than the Deveron in Scotland, and George an old hand at both Kharlovka and Rynda. There was an immediate bonding which clearly proves that all politicians should fish and thus make international relations happy and easy.

It was not an easy week as the river was lower than anyone could ever remember and there was often blazing sunshine. However, on the Tuesday rain poured down in a tropical torrent and the river rose 10cms. As the rain fell and the helicopter was about to arrive Eugene gave a cry such as would have driven the Vikings from his native Connemara, and was hooked into an obviously big fish. This turned out to be a beautiful 20lb salmon which was his personal best.

There was obviously a good run of grilse as both Hugh, son of Mike, and George returned each day with approximately 10 between them. Hugh’s father, Mike, usually returned soaked through having yet again fallen in! Almost as successful at disaster was Simon who sadly was broken by leviathans four times in two days before landing a magnificent 18lb fresh cock.

After the rain hopes were high but it seemed to make little difference as the fishing was still hard. However, with a massed experience of nearly 1000 years the team stuck at it and every day there were smiling faces and stories of joy and disaster. However, the greatest tale of the week came from 15 year old Anna, daughter of Gennadiy, who with typical female determination and fervour eventually threw success into the face of failure. Poor Anna had lost no less than 10 fish over the week, some of them of a good size. She did not whine, she did not grizzle, she stuck at her task and eventually fate bowed to her persistence and on the last day she caught 4 wonderful salmon with the biggest at 20lbs without assistance or interference from the lesser sex! Finally on the last day the gods had smiled on the party and sent a big run of fresh fish and grilse into the Kharlovka and Eastern Litza, nine of which were caught at Litza falls by Trond and Kristjan, the biggest being 19lbs.

As always it was a truly memorable week, full of laughter and happiness with some great fish thrown in for good measure. It was typical of the two rivers that they seem coyly to hold back their treasures and then award them to those who persist.

Michael and Justin

Het flugbindning.....
2011-07-28  19:41

Fel tid på året att binda men nu är det gjort! Imorgon bär det av till Alta! Härligt!
Snodde ihop ett dussin - orange Samurajer och ett gäng upphottade Vaehaeniva blev kvällens dos....

Nu packa det sista - imorgon är det dags!

Följ med på bloggen!

Skicka en bild och några rader!
2011-07-26  10:47

Har du fått en snygg fisk, kanske på en särskild fluga eller på en speciell plats eller genom att använda en specifik teknik – dela det med oss andra! Kanske är det ett av mina mönster eller ett tips från Tips & Trix som har funkat, eller så har du ett eget tips eller mönster att ge till oss andra. Maila en bild med ett par rader text inkluderat namn, plats, redskap och övrig information till info@frodinflies.com märk ditt mail - Läsarbild, så lägger vi in det i vår nya avdelning - Läsarnas bilder.

2011-07-25  09:26

An important event took place on the evening of Thursday 16th June. All guests and staff received an unexpected but exciting invitation from Peter to join him for a party at Kharlovka House. Guests were told that he had something to tell them about "…the future of the ASR". Of course this set off wild speculation up and down the rivers from "is this the end" to "is the beginning of a new dawn".

The Kharlovka guests and staff who, along with the boys that were lost somewhere over on the Litza, were all brought together for a magnificent summer BBQ up at Kharlovka House. Whilst waiting in anticipation for the arrival of Peter, the guests happily bonded away sharing their week’s fishing trials and tribulations under an unforgettable polar sun.

Orchestrated with a military precision that has come to define the Northern Rivers over the years, at exactly 20:00 an MI-8 helicopter thundered in and touched down on the upper pad near the house. Out of the helicopter poured a full contingent of guests from Rynda, led by Peter looking unusually smart.

There was a noticeable breeze of suspense circling through the air. Once inside Kharlovka House, the Russian guests along with their interpreter were invited to gather along Peter’s side for simultaneous translation. With everyone’s attention focused, not to mention the various cameras and videos standing by at the ready, silence fell across the room.

Peter began by reminiscing about his 14 year project on the Northern Rivers, going back to the very beginning when he first arrived to restore order on the chaotic camps. Early on he introduced innovative yet meticulous new ways of working and thinking. The staff agreed to trust Peters approach unquestionably and together they have created the finest and most exciting salmon fishery on earth.

Peter thanked the staff profusely for creating first class facilities, for their professional service as both guides and employees, and for their dedication to the highly successful ASR Conservation Program.

He then reflected back through the seasons of salmon fishing covering 4628 guest weeks comprising 2271 individual guests who had enjoyed the ASR. Many had returned every year since the beginning. He expressed his enormous gratitude for their support and felt a profound sense of privilege in "The Power to Please"… which may yet be the title of a book!

Peter proudly described his fresh silver 42-pound Rynda record - going on to playfully say that "Although it will be nice when one of you lands the first 50+ pounder here, I admit I was rather hoping it might be me!"

He reminded guests of how appreciative we should all be for the support and understanding of the Murmansk Region Authorities and the Northern Fleet, paying particular tribute to Governors Evdokimov and Dmitrienko. He described the ceremony surrounding the Rynda Cross with the blessing by the Father Gennadi of the Russian Orthodox Church arranged by his friend Archbishop Simon, as the proudest moment in his life. Peter wanted everyone to know that his period in the Arctic had been the most exciting and fulfilling of times, and he had always respected the territory as a precious Russian national asset.

The anticipation of what Peter might be leading up to rose as he switched the tone back to his inevitable retirement. For the past five years he had been looking for a worthy successor to carry on the mandate of the ASR. After meeting with many organizations and individuals, everyone said that it was going to be impossible for him to find the perfect Russian to carry on his mission. Well they were wrong! He announced "Finally all of us have had the most extraordinary piece of luck".

One fine day at the Rynda a successful Russian businessman and fishing fanatic arrived for his third visit to the ASR along with his enchanting wife who outcasts many of the boys. They were invited up to Rynda house to review the ASR Mandate and watch the film "Home for Salmon". Peter and the couple found themselves to be kindred spirits in harmony with nature, in tune with the philosophy fly fishing and the concepts of the ASR. It made for the most delightful evening. At some point the gentleman asked him "So what do you plan to do?"

Well in to the white night overlooking the majestic Rynda falls the trio sat up discussing the possibilities for the future of the ASR. The gentleman explained that running the ASR should not be part of a normal business venture; it should be more of a passion for whoever might be so lucky to take over Peter’s mantle.

With this in mind, Peter eventually turned to his charming friends and said, "I would like to choose you!" With this the gentleman replied that the future of the ASR could be looked after by his family for future generations whilst preserving the ASR mandate.

It was with this vision that the relationship continued to grow until both sides finally came to an understanding in May of this year. The gentleman and his family would proudly take control of the business and be the custodians of the Atlantic Salmon Reserve provided Justin and the Northern Rivers Team would remain on board, and Peter would actively support the business through the learning process.

To the surprise of all attending, Peter then turned to one side to shake hands with a Russian Guest. He announced, "Ladies and gentleman, the perfect Russian I have been referring to is Vladimir Rybalchenko, who along with his son Vladimir Junior (who is with us today) and his wife Svetlana now own the business." A huge applause and cheer filled the Kharlovka House.

Congratulations Vladimir! We are all behind you - long live the ASR!

Äntligen lax tillbaka i Vosso!
2011-07-18  09:40

Efter många svarta år och stora satsningar på att återintroducera den fantastiska stammen av lax i Vosso verkar det som om laxen är tillbaka. Provfisken i fjorden och även de som fiskat havsöring på Bolstadsträckan rapporterar om mer lax än på många år!
Verkligen glädjande - kanske kan vi snart fiska lax i Vosso igen!

Kharlovka web report for week 7, 15-July-11
2011-07-15  09:58

Last week it was a family occasion on the Kharlovka including 3 fathers and sons, a young nephew and another mum and son team from the countries of England, Northern Ireland, Canada, and Russia. Unfortunately this joyful bunch was arriving to what would turn out to be some of the hottest and cruelest fishing conditions that we have seen this far north for many years.

In addition to the low water conditions, the guests had to contend with scorching temperatures that soared to 35 degrees C during the first half of the week. This in turn brought the river temperatures up to 20 degrees C and many of the salmon down to the depths. On Tuesday and Wednesday it rained like cats on dogs in Murmansk raising the big river up 15 centimeters leading to some of the best fishing this summer. Unfortunately on the Northern Rivers there was only a few sprinkles – some large temperature and barometer fluctuations – heavy fog and very strong winds.

Despite the tricky start to the week Elizabeth proved that pheromones do work in all conditions pulling in a salmon the very first evening and then another one the next day in addition to some large trout up at the Kharlovka National Park. Young Freddie and Finn had a blast up at the Kharlovka Falls each landing their P.B.s of 16 and 17 pounds. After landing a couple nice salmon as well the father Tom wisely decided to join the boys by jumping off the rocks to cool off in the pool. After you beat them – join them!

Apart from their glowing faces – all the big trout and the time they each went diving in the pool - other salmon fishing highlights during the week included Jonathan’s spanking fresh 22 pounder off the lower Kharlovka. It would have been a real day to remember for our mate from Belfast if he had been able to hang onto the 30+ pounder that came off before Valentin could put it in the net. James proved it was possible on one of the hottest days with his trusty Sunray landing three up to 14 pounds at the Litza Falls.

During the middle of the week the drastic cool down into the single digits – strong winds and warm rivers made the going especially challenging. Ron did seem to take much notice as he displayed his skills that day on the Lower Kharlovka going onto land three salmon including a couple of very satisfying 14 and 20 pounders just before the helicopter arrived. Adrian and young Will continued to battle through with Will taking lead over his father. The next day in addition to losing the fight with two monsters they also lost their fly box down the river during the struggle.

Thankfully Big Alex was there for Freddie when he thought he hooked the boulder. Having made this mistake before Freddie wisely looked to Alex who gave him the signal to back off the tension just in the nick of time. After a good battle that went on for some time, Freddie managed to put his new 20 pound P.B. into Alex’s net. Both Freddie and his Father Simon had an exciting last morning up at the Litza Falls taking 5 salmon up to 18 pounds before lunch. Richard and Jonathan struggled the last day on the middle Kharlovka however after a quick drink back in the lodge Jonathan went for a short walk to pull out 4 in a row up to 17 pounds out of the Grilse Stones.

The fishing guides are certainly tanner than we have seen them for many years! Reindeer have bunched into great numbers atop the hills along the breezy coast of the Barents Sea. Cool air and a grey mist have replaced the heat and bright sun they all arrived to. It appears that high summer on the northern Kola is finally coming to an end. With a bit of rain and some cooling temperatures we are optimistic for the big results that are surely still to come!

The boys from Belfast. A record of the air/water temperatures and the river level – taken each morning at 07:30.

The Samurai!
2011-07-14  13:45

Min nya serie stora svepande siluettflugor "Samurai" finns nu som "månadens film" på klubbsidorna.
30 min bindinstruktion till flugorna som gett mig många laxar redan den här säsongen.
- Check it out at SSC!

Arne slår till i Alta!
2011-07-14  13:08

Min gode vän norrmannen och kastgurun Arne Viste slog till ordentligt häromkvällen. På Raipas sträckan vid Elvestrand landade han en magnifik 131 cm lång hane på imponerande 24,1 kilo!

Vi bugar och bockar avundsjukt - en drömfisk till en skicklig fiskare!

River Dee rapport - 11 juli
2011-07-11  07:50

Recent Catches
A tricky week for salmon anglers as conditions seemed to unsettle fish and put them off the take a bit. If you were in the right place at the right time you may have been fortunate to get sport and perseverance was the order of the day. River levels fluctuated, and still continue to do so, with heavy rainfall coming at times during the week and yet again at the weekend. As the river levels yo-yoed catches did likewise. FishDee beats reported 118 salmon and 80 sea trout for the week. I should point out some Ghillies are on other duties so we don’t get catches reported daily from some beats. Park reported 18 salmon; Carlogie 12, Crathie 11 and Lower Invercauld & Monaltrie were also in double figures for the week.
Some feedback received from anglers this week through FishDee; Colin Bull who had a salmon and a sea trout commented about Morven, ‘A very good fishing experience and a nice beat for the money. Information on catches was provided by the beat owner when requested.’ Bruce Laidlaw from Edinburgh who had a 1 salmon and 3 sea trout commented about Lower Dess ’ We also stayed in Dess Cottage and it was exceptional ’
I managed to get a day’s fishing and was delighted to see fellow angler Ian Scott, River Dee Trust and Board Chairman land a fine 21lb sea liced salmon when fishing across from me. This was caught on a size 8 thunder and lightning and was in really first class condition. I believe the Jim Davies Party at Park had an enjoyable week and I was glad to hear about the number of good sized salmon being caught during their week by a number of anglers. Some of the anglers also had an enjoyable stay at the Tor Na Coille hotel and mentioned this to me when I visited for dinner at the weekend. I saw there were some large 24 lbs specimens landed at Lower Invercauld and Monaltrie with Crathie also reporting a fish of similar size. Commenting about the upper river beats I would like to advise readers that Mar Water have joined FishDee this week and have rod availability between now and the end of the season. Details about the beat can be found on the FishDee website.

I would also like to end the column by advising readers of a very special auction being held by the River Dee Trust and A.F.Y.D (Angling for youth development). There is a special fishing break organised through the kindness & generosity of some wonderful accommodation providers on Deeside and some of the top River Dee fishing beats. The package includes salmon fishing for two rods for two days from 12th to 17th September at Lower Crathes, Dinnet and Crathie with accommodation and breakfast at the Tor Na Coille Hotel, Loch Kinord Hotel and Darroch Learg Hotel. You can bid online at this weblink or by submitting a bid to the River Office, Mill of Dinnet, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, AB34 5LA.and it is hoped this fundraising week for these two very important charities will be well supported. These beats reported a catch in September last year of 241 salmon!

I am off on a busman’s holiday to Alaska later in the week and Edward Humphrey will be writing the reports for the FishDee website for the next fortnight. As some anglers are fishing through the night feedback is a little sporadic during the mid summer weeks and some Ghillies are also on holiday. If you have any information you wish to pass onto readers. Please do write to Edward Humphrey with any news or reports of success at office@dinnet-estate.co.uk and tight lines to all. Copyright FishDee Ltd July 2011.

This is the time of year when the summer runs of grilse and salmon are expected to arrive of our coastline and hopefully some will start to run the river. The last few summers, which have been incidentally wet providing good river levels, have seen good numbers of fish start to come in during the latter half of July. River levels are rising this morning on a number of the gauges; these range from 1ft 2 inches at Mar Lodge to 3ft 10 inches at Park. The River Feugh has also had a good rise in levels over the weekend so I expect fish to be ascending the falls of Feugh in good numbers. The Heughhead beat should see good numbers of fish arriving. Tides are forecast to rise during the week from 3.7 metres to 4.3 metres which means conditions are ideal for bringing new fish forward should they choose to come forward and enter the river system. The weather forecast looks like we shall see a continuation of rain showers and occasional sunny periods with light winds. It may get warmer through the week as pressure builds with air temperature maxima around 20 degrees Celsius. Sport should pick up if new fish come forward in good numbers.

I would advise anglers who have a Ghillie on their chosen beat will heed their advice on what tactics to use and where to fish. I was grateful for the advice of a Ghillie last week and this helped me get a salmon and lose another couple. My selection would have been different from his but by following his advice I am sure this helped me get some offers. If you don’t have the services of a Ghillie to call on then you may fish with a floating line or one with a short sink tip attached. Your fly choice may include a Calvin’s shrimp, Park Shrimp, Silver Stoats Tail, Crathie fly or perhaps a Monkey fly stripped across the current. A shooting head is ideal when stripping a large lure across the surface of a pool as the fly can be brought a lot closer to you than when using a conventional Speyline. If the water is high and coloured then daytime fishing may be productive, but if the river drops away and clears then you may fish earlier and late into the nights, if you have the energy and inclination to do so.

Ian Scott with his biggest fish of the season so far

A salmon being returned to the water carefully

Filmproduktionen i full gång!
2011-07-03  08:25

Det har ju visat sig nära hopplöst att få ut några filmer över telefonnätet så - nu får det bli så att bloggen byggs på med filmerna efteråt, hoppas ni tycker det är OK!

Kanske ligger det nu 50 talet filmer på bloggen och Aaresan gav knappa tiotalet till!

Tips & Trix drillningar och en presentation av älvens sköna pooler kommer in under närmsta dygnet!


Lördag - 100 m rusning!
2011-07-03  08:22

Jag ställde klockan på 05.30 men vaknade av skrammel i spöstället då Jakob smet ut vid 5 snåret. När jag mötte upp vid Bridge hade han redan tappat en lax, en mindre fisk trodde han. Phatakorva var vad som satt på tafsen. Jakob fiskar Le Cie 12,6 9/10 och en F/3 – perfekt nu när vattnet sjunkit undan. Jag bytte till 13,7 an och F/I/2 fiskade ett par pooler filmade mig genom sträckan och hamnade i Vassenden. Högt upp på lång lina kom hugget stenhårt – 100 m rakt upp i sjön så det fräste om linan – häftigt! Tusan vet om det inte var en av de snabbast laxrusningar jag upplevt. Jakob kom och vi fick filmat lite. En knallfin 7 kilos hane landades under filmning – topp! En 4 cm Pahtakorva Turbo gav den suveränt fina fisken. En fin avslutning på en lite märklig vecka med allt från varmt sommarväder till tropiskt skyfall. Aaälva är speciell och vi längtar redan tillbaka. Kanske tar jag en tur igen till hösten.

Fredag - 3 till Espen!
2011-07-03  08:17

Vaknade till beskedet att såväl Espen som Eivind Myhre fått var sin fin fisk under morgonen. Första draget genom Barn gav en fin lusad liten hanfisk på kanske dryga 4 kilo. Den hade jag tänkt behålla … men men…. Nu blev det inte så… efter att ha lossat kroken lyckades jag slarva bort den …hmmm catch & not planed release.. kan vi kanske kalla det! En liten ”Samurai” i grönt var det som lurade laxen. Fortafarnde kör jag 14,8 Reaction, men det är snart dags att växla ner till 13,7an. Vi filmade ett par filmsnuttar och mitt under instruktion i hur vinkeln på spöt kan styra farten så small det! Live i kameran gick det på en mindre lax som jag tyvärr sumpade genom att ta det allt för hårt! – men att den högg i bild! Vid 15 tiden var det dags för ”grundägar fiske” . Ägarna fiskar själva och vi har behållit ett par spön som vi turas om att fiska på. Espen som redan fått 2 fina laxar knep sin tredje i Bridge pool, en fin 6 kilos som han landade 2 gånger… jepp kolla filmen så förstår ni vad jag menar! Vi gjorde tidig kväll för att hinna med ett par morgontimmar innan planet skulle gå.

I den här filmen händer inte så värst mycket men men.. jag har fått förfrågningar om att några vill se mig kasta och några fiska - så håll till goda!
Visst en dragning är det och en som hoppar i bild .. emn men... för tråkigt - växla till nästa film.

Torsdag - fin havsöring!
2011-07-03  08:15

Fortfarande högt vatten men det sjunker fortfarande trotts envist regnande! Älven har till och med blivit lite färgat och det är ovanligt i Aa – sjöarna är gigantiska reservoarer med klart vatten. Efter att bara ett par av poolerna varit fiskbara har nu flera börjat funka. Jag fick en fin dryga 6 kilos fisk i Barn pool – härligt när ”Barn" börjar funka är den kanske den bästa poolen. Vi filmade några nya små avsnit till ”Tips & trix” – bra! Under kvällen fiskade vi Vassenden igen – flera fiskar visade sig. Jakob fiskade fint på kortlina under buskarna och fick ett stenhårt hugg följt av en serie mäktiga rullningar – Havsöring. Efter diverse problem i det höga vattnet (se filmen) lyckades jag håva en fantastisk öringhona på dryga 5 kilo – Lycka! Fisken sattes i rör och så småningom i dammen där vi spar en del fin avelsfisk.

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